2017 Contest Entries
Approved contest entries are displayed (most recent entry first) in the gallery below with the recipe photo and title.

The top three winners will be announced on December 1, 0217.

Top 10 Finalists (announced Nov. 1, 2017):
- Cinco de Mayo Slow-Cooker Ancho Chile Duck Tostada with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo by David Ross
- Crunchy Duck Sausage Breaded, Duck Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper Corn Dogs with Firecracker Mustard Comeback Sauce by Sandi Sheppard
- Duck Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms with Duck Bacon Gremolata by Kadija Bridgewater
- Duck Stuffed Tostones with Charred Tomatillo Ranch Salsa by RaChelle Hubsmith
- Father’s Day Quack Stacks - Duck Bacon Corn Cakes with Duck Confit and Chipotle Bourbon Butter by Lauren Wyler
- I Dare You Spiced Duck Pot Pie with Pumpkin, Prunes, Parsnips and Purple Carrots, and a Duck Fat, Quacklins and Pumpkin Pastry Crust by Ellen Verdugo
- Jalapeño Pickled Apricot Duck Bites - Two Ways by Susan Krauss
- New Year’s Duck Terrine with Ginger-Orange Honey Mustard Couli & Good Luck Black-eyed Pea Pesto Over Duck Fat Infused Whipped Cream by Sandi Sheppard
- Thankful Duck Tagine with Figs, Walnuts, Squash, Pomegranate & Mint by Ellen Verdugo
- Yuzu Braised Duck Sausage Tacos with Ginger Scallion Relish, Pickled Daikon & Balsamic Citrus Drizzle by Jodi Taffel

People's Choice Award Winner: Deluxe Duck Salad with Warm Orange Vinaigrette by Mary Edwards
People's Choice Award voting took place on this page Sept. 11-18, 2017 (noon to noon ET).