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2012 "Strut Your Duck" Contest Video Entries

Curry Recipe Title: Indian Duck Curry
Recipe Description: Flavorful Indian dish using succulent duck instead of the more traditional chicken. It's full of wonderful spices but it's not spicy. Serve on white rice or with Indian naan or pita.
Added: 09-17-12 Submitted By: Jaime Green
Tacos Recipe Title: Maple Leaf Farms Duck and Mango Tacos
Recipe Description: Maple Leaf Farms Duck and Mango Tacos. Fresh and delicious tacos. Not your everyday taco.
Added: 09-30-12 Submitted By: Patti Buck
Can-Can Duck Recipe Title: Maple-Chocolate Can-Can Duck with Grilled-Charred Corn
Recipe Description: How I Strut My Duck: Watch my chocolate duckie do the can-can. This is my favorite way to roast duck, all the fat drips away, the meat is super tender, the skin becomes crisp; and importantly, my grandsons think...
Added: 10-08-12 Submitted By: Susan Asanovic
Pad Thai Recipe Title: Finalist - Duck & Portobello Pad Thai
Recipe Description: Maple Leaf Farms ground duck is so easy to incorporate into my family's favorite dishes! My Duck & Portobello Pad Thai is the best EvEr! The raving reviews included, "I don't usually like Pad Thai because it is...
Added: 10-16-12 Submitted By: Merry Graham
Duck Tangine Recipe Title: Finalist - Slow-Cooked Duck Tagine with Sun-Dried Plums...
Recipe Description: Duck is a terrific choice for slow-cooked tagines. The richly flavored meat becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender when slow-cooked, in this sweet, spicy, highly flavored sauce. Kids love this dish, as much...
Added: 10-16-12 Submitted By: Susan Asanovic
Duck Confit Risotto Recipe Title: Duck Confit Risotto
Recipe Description: Risotto with the rich flavor of duck confit and truffle oil.
Added: 10-17-12 Submitted By: Steven Bergen
Saffron Poached Duck Recipe Title: Saffron-Poached Duck, Citrus & Olive Salad
Recipe Description: Move on chicken, your salad days are over! In struts duck. This colorful, sweet, salty, crunchy duck salad with a bright vinaigrette features Maple Leaf Farms duck breast meat...
Added: 10-19-12 Submitted By: Susan Asanovic
Crusty Duck Delish Recipe Title: Crusty Duck Delish
Recipe Description: Time for a change on a classic home-style meal. Naturally tender, fully cooked duck enhances this savory seasoned creamy vegetable filling. Tuck all this delish in a warm crusty blanket of pastry...
Added: 10-23-12 Submitted By: Brenda Jackson

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