Director's Toolkit
2012 "Strut Your Duck" Contest Director's Toolkit

Would you like to boost your chances of winning the "Strut Your Duck" Video Recipe Contest?

Here are some tips that can help you create your recipe.
video1. Make sure your recipe contains duck! Maple Leaf Farms has lots of products to choose from, even fully cooked duck items.
2. Use easy to find ingredients. Your recipe of Grilled Duck with Mangosteen may be fabulous, but mangosteens are not easily found in the United States.
3. Check out other recipes for ideas and inspiration. Put your own spin on the recipe.
4. Use specific, but simple, instructions. Measurements are critical.
5. Write the recipe clearly. If you are a finalist, your recipe will be prepared following the instructions and ingredients exactly as you wrote them.
6. Be sure to include the number of servings the recipe makes.
7. Have someone else read it over to make sure they understand exactly how to make the dish.
8. Prepare the dish following the recipe exactly as you wrote it. Make sure it tastes great!

And now for a few tips for producing your video:
1. Hold your camera steady or use a tripod.
2. Be sure to frame your shots and stay focused. Don’t walk out of the picture to put a pan on the stove. Edit out these types of shots from your final video.
3. Be careful not to stand in front of a window or lights. You’ll look dark like a shadow and so will your food. Even lighting is best.
4. Speak clearly. Make sure you can be heard and understood.
5. Have your ingredients measured out ahead of time.
6. Wear color, but not busy patterns, plaids or stripes. Solid colored clothes work best on camera. Do NOT wear clothes with logos on them.
7. Make sure you get a good close up of your dish, and make sure your food looks as good as it tastes.
8. Don’t forget to add color through your dishes and garnishes. Pick a dish that flatters your recipe.
9. Test your timing. Make sure you can demonstrate everything you want to in the allotted time.

Here are some resources for your video:
1. If you would like to use a Maple Leaf Farms logo, use one of the following files. Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" to save to your computer.  These both have transparent backgrounds.    Black Logo (png)     White Logo (png)
2. Add background music, if you like, from one of these free sources (download PDF).

This year we are asking that you first upload your video on YouTube, then simply provide the link to your video when you submit your recipe entry. For help with YouTube and creating an account, please visit the YouTube help section at

And finally, please read and follow the rules carefully. Have fun and "Strut Your Duck"!

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